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December 6, 2018

Credentialing application completion and Provider Source

In June 2018, House Bill 2335 went into effect, requiring health insurers to credential physicians and other providers within 90 days. By 2020, insurers will be required to meet a 60-day average for processing all credential applications. The law also stipulates that insurers, physicians, and providers must use ProviderSource, the free health care credentialing tool operated by OneHealthPort, to submit and process credentialing applications.

The best way to reduce time and administrative burden for your practice is to upload credentialing information to ProviderSource and direct insurers to retrieve the information there. To further assist you in communications with insurers, the WSMA and the Washington State Medical Group Management Association developed a sample letter for your use.

Before you can use ProviderSource to manage your provider data used for credentialing, review and follow this guide to set up each credentialed provider in your organization. If you or the provider already have an OneHealthPort subscriber ID login, please do not create additional subscriber IDs. You need only one subscriber ID login for all OneHealthPort business, including ProviderSource access. If you have any questions about your current subscriber ID login, call OneHealthPort support at 800.973.4797 for assistance.

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