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2021 WSMA annual meeting graphic
August 26, 2021 

Resolutions Now Available for WSMA Member Input

More than 20 resolutions are now available for WSMA members to review in our password-protected virtual reference committees, and more will be added in the weeks to come in anticipation of the 2021 Annual Meeting of the WSMA House of Delegates in September.

All members are encouraged to take a moment to review and provide feedback on these resolutions via the links below. If adopted by the House, resolutions help to guide WSMA's advocacy efforts on behalf of its members, their patients, and the greater medical community in Washington.

WSMA members may also provide testimony during the live reference committee sessions scheduled as part of the virtual Annual Meeting. Learn more about the meeting, which is free for members, and register online.

Click on the resolution title to read the full resolution, any comments from your colleagues, and to comment (you'll be prompted to enter your password to enter the secure forums).

Reference Committee B (professional and internal affairs)

Resolution B-1 - Ensuring Inclusion of Physicians and Medical Students with Disabilities

Resolution B-2 - Violence Against Asian Americans

Resolution B-3 - Improving Access to Active Transportation

Resolution B-4 - Expanding and Standardizing Parental Leave in Medical School and Residency

Resolution B-5 - Direct-to-Consumer Marketing of Pharmaceuticals

Resolution B-6 - Office of Patient Protection

Resolution B-7 - Physician Assistant Title Change

Resolution B-8 - Refer to All Medical Professionals by Their Titles

Resolution B-9 - Ensuring Continued Access to Equitable Take-Home Methadone Treatment

Resolution B-10 - Mentoring Support for Unmatched Medical Graduates

Resolution B-11 - Access to Standard Care for Nonviable Pregnancies

Resolution B-12 - Maternal Mortality and Race in Washington State

Resolution B-13 - Establishing Protocol for Emerging ECT in Washington State

Resolution B-14 – Shortage of Mental Health Professionals


Reference Committee C (legislative affairs and health care economics/reform)

Resolution C-1 - Measures to Reduce Respiratory Illness

Resolution C-2 - Allowing Peritoneal Dialysis Amongst Patients in the Washington State DOC

Resolution C-3 - Homelessness as a Public Health Priority

Resolution C-4 - Health Policy Review Mechanism

Resolution C-5 - Corporate Interference With the Practice of Medicine

Resolution C-6 - Juvenile Justice

Resolution C-7 - Improved Medicare for All

Resolution C-8 - Promotion of Building Electrification

Resolution C-9 - Supporting Providers Practicing Medicine

Resolution C-10 - Funding COVID-19 Pandemic Lessons for Public Health

Resolution C-11 - Access to Infertility Care

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