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August 13, 2020

COVID-19 Adds Urgency to Preparations for Flu Season

Washington state has received additional doses of flu vaccines, both adult and pediatric, as part of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's enhanced influenza vaccination campaign, and as the country faces the added complexities of responding to seasonal respiratory illnesses during a viral pandemic.

Through the aid of a CDC grant, the Washington State Department of Health will have 300,000 adult doses and 690,000 pediatric doses available this fall. The pediatric doses will be available as part of the state's universal childhood vaccine program; the adult doses, available for un- and under-insured individuals, will be distributed to physicians and providers participating in the state's adult vaccine program. It's not too late for practices and clinics to enroll in the adult vaccine program and receive a supply of these adult doses. To enroll, complete the provider agreement form located in Appendix A of the Adult Vaccine Program User Manual. Email for details.

The WSMA will be working with the DOH to raise awareness of these additional doses and help physicians increase uptake of flu vaccinations. For the upcoming flu season, flu vaccination will be additionally important to reduce both the impact of respiratory illnesses on the population and the burden on the health care system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To prepare your practice for the upcoming flu season, review the following information, issued by the CDC in July:

The DOH also provides flu vaccination resources for health care professionals.

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