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August 28, 2019

Nearly 40 Resolutions Now Available for WSMA Member Input

As a WSMA member, you have an opportunity to help shape the policy that guides WSMA advocacy. Nearly 40 resolutions are now available for your review in our password-protected "virtual" reference committees and more will be added in the weeks to come in anticipation of the 2019 Annual Meeting of the WSMA House of Delegates this October.

WSMA's reference committees, both online and in-person at the meeting, give WSMA members an opportunity to discuss and debate resolutions and other business that will be considered for action by the House and thus serve a key role in WSMA's policymaking process (learn more about the role of the WSMA Annual Meeting in determining WSMA policy).

All members are encouraged to take a moment to review and provide feedback on these resolutions. If adopted by the House, resolutions help to guide WSMA's advocacy efforts on behalf of its members, their patients, and the greater medical community in Washington. Your feedback can make a difference.

The resolutions are listed by title below. Click on the resolution title to read the full resolution, any comments from your colleagues, and to comment (you'll be prompted to enter your password to enter our secure virtual reference committees). To track discussions on a topic, you can 'subscribe' to that topic and receive notifications when a member comments.

Now available in Reference Committee B (professional and internal affairs):

Resolution B-1 - More Effective Medical Commission

Resolution B-2 - An Ethical and Effective Physician Health Program for Washington

Resolution B-3 - Programs to Reduce Advanced Provider Burnout

Resolution B-4 - Climate Change

Resolution B-5 - Financing Medical Education

Resolution B-6 - Increasing Equity and Justice in the Care & Outcomes of Washingtonians with Cancer

Resolution B-7 - Support for Cybersecurity Techniques Against the Threat of Medical Misinformation

Resolution B-8 - Eliminating Minimal Risk of Patient Harm as a Criterion for Unprofessional Conduct

Resolution B-9 - Importance of Peer Review in Medical Commission Proceedings

Resolution B-10 - Limiting Documentation as a Factor in Determining Professional Care

Resolution B-11 - Patient Access to Cost-Effective Medical Care

Resolution B-12 - Health Care Gown Waste Reduction in Washington State

Resolution B-13 - Requirement for Helmets When Using E-Scooters

Resolution B-14 - Low Carbon Fuel Standard for Washington State

Resolution B-15 - Tracking Physician Suicide

Resolution B-16 - Transparency in the Handling of Specialist Consults

Now available in Virtual Reference Committee C (legislative affairs and health care economics/reform):

Resolution C-1 - Coercion of Physicians/Surgeons by Internet or Telephone Threats

Resolution C-2 - Universal Access for Essential Public Health Services

Resolution C-3 - Time-Based Physician Payments

Resolution C-4 - Primary Care Investment

Resolution C-5 - Payment for Time Spent With Patients

Resolution C-6 - Health Care Reform in Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment in the ED

Resolution C-7 - Health Care Reform in the Criminal Justice System

Resolution C-8 - Increasing Gender Equity in Medicine Through Speaker Selection at Medical Conferences

Resolution C-9 - Evidence-Based Sex Education in Washington State Schools

Resolution C-10 - Opt-In Vaccinations for Mature Minors in Washington State

Resolution C-11 - Medicaid on Reentry from Incarceration

Resolution C-12 - WSMA Supports Payment for Patient Health Care Data Collection

Resolution C-13 - Necessary Medical Care for Inmates

Resolution C-14 - Amendment to the B&O Tax

Resolution C-15 - Eliminating the Buprenorphine Waiver

Resolution C-16 - Improving Input and Access to Washington State Immunization Information System

Resolution C-17 - Pharmacy Vaccination Records

Resolution C-18 - Promotion of Health Equity Through Education in Critical Race Theory

Resolution C-19 - Medication Prior Authorization

Resolution C-20 - Scope of Practice

Resolution C-21 - Development of a Firearm Safety Bureau

Resolution C-22 - Advancing Gender Equity in Medicine

Resolution C-23 - Reducing Firearm-Related Injury and Death, 2019 Updates

Member testimony will be accepted in the virtual reference committees until midnight on Wednesday, Oct. 9. If you'd like to provide testimony in person, reference committee meetings are scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 12 at the 2019 WSMA Annual Meeting in Seattle. The WSMA Annual Meeting is free for members - learn more about the event and register today.

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