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Communication is a Two-way Street

Leadership Seminar: Communication is the premier tool of leadership influence and change. How good are you at getting your transformation messages across to those you lead? Join us for a workshop on improving how you shape the messages you send and how to listen with a third ear to what your colleagues are saying.

Leadership Seminars are designed for graduates of the WSMA Physician Leadership Course. Seminars will provide in-depth exposure to the topics that were covered in the PLC, with an emphasis on skill development and practical application of leadership principles using role-playing, demonstrations, and case studies. All seminars will be held via Zoom and will range between half-day and full-day sessions depending on the seminar topic. 

Half-day course: $350/WSMA member and $500/non-WSMA member.


For any questions, email Monica Salgaonkar at

10/1/2021 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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