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Harness Your EQ to Change Culture and Influence Colleagues

Leadership Seminar: You have already had an introduction to emotional intelligence, but leaders need to have a deeper understanding of the importance of how it is used to change relationships and culture. This workshop builds on your existing knowledge of how EQ is used in leadership and takes you to the next level of self-understanding and influence.

Leadership Seminars are designed for graduates of the WSMA Physician Leadership Course. Seminars will provide in-depth exposure to the topics that were covered in the PLC, with an emphasis on skill development and practical application of leadership principles using role-playing, demonstrations, and case studies. All seminars will be held via Zoom and will range between half-day and full-day sessions depending on the seminar topic. 

Half-day course: $350/WSMA member and $500/non-WSMA member.


For any questions, email Monica Salgaonkar at

12/10/2021 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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